About Us

Shap Parish Council administers the Parishes of SHAP and SHAP RURAL

There are TEN elected councillors, SEVEN councillors represent Shap Parish and THREE represent Shap Rural Parish.

A Chairman is elected at the Annual Parish Council meeting held each May.

A list of councillors and their contact details are displayed on the public notice board and on this website.

There is also a Clerk employed by the Council.

The office is situated at The Market Cross, Main Street, Shap, Penrith, CA10 3NL

Tel: 01931 716743

The office is open every Friday morning from 9:30 a.m.

Monthly meetings are held in the Market Cross on the evening of the first Tuesday of each month and notices of meetings with the Agendas are posted on the public notice board at the Market Cross.

Public are welcome to attend any monthly meeting whether they have issues to raise or simply to observe.

An Annual Parish Meeting is held in the spring of each year. This is hosted by the Parish Council and allows parishioners to raise any matters with regard to the Parish.

Approved and signed minutes of Council meetings are posted on the notice board and available at Shap Library. They will also be available on this website.

One thought on “About Us

  1. We have tried and tried again to get a skatepark in shap most kids are enthusiastic about scootering and biking and we have nowhere to progress our still at. Somet kids dont have the privlages to get a little to penrith skatepark so we could do with a skate park.


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