A recycling centre is situated at the rear of the public car park.

There are receptacles for recycling of BOTTLES/GLASS, CANS, PAPER AND CARD.

The Parish Council receives financial credits for the tonnage from all the above recyclable material taken to the recycling centre

This forms an important part of the community finances, and residents are urged where possible to use this facility.

There are also bins for plastic containers and packaging at the centre but the Parish Council does not receive any finance for plastic.

The village also has kerbside collection boxes for cans and bottles and bags for plastic containers, paper and card.

REMEMBER – the revenue from anything collected at the kerbside will not benefit our community financially.

Whilst the kerbside collections are very convenient, especially for those of the community who would struggle to take recyclables to the Recycling Centre, the Parish Council would like to suggest that the bags be used to recycle plastic containers as there would be no financial loss to the community.

Garden waste bins are collected from the kerbside fortnightly on a Friday during the summer and less frequently in the winter.


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